Reauty dao governance

The REAUTY community governs itself via the REAUTY DAO, a decentralized governance framework that supports the Ecosystem Fund. The DAO follows a proposal and voting to determine Ecosystem Fund distribution by the REAUTY Foundation to promote an inclusive and transparent community.

This governance guide acts as an overview of the proposal process. The document continuously changes, which will change, improve, and evolve based on the ReautyDAO community’s input.


Holding a certain amount ReautyCoin or Baebee NFTs is the only condition to become a Reauty DAO member. Reauty DAO members will participate in community ideation, comments, proposals, and voting.

Guiding Values

Inclusion: This community embrace all races, backgrounds, ethnicities, members of LGBTQ+ groups, and BIPOC owners to join our community.

Transparency: This community will share processes and decisions openly with the community.

Authenticity: This community builds on the trust of our web3 Beauty community with factual information vetted by experts in their field.

Reauty community is all about our community; we share our members’ voices and give everyone a fair opportunity!

Communication Channels

The REAUTY DAO website is the DAO hub. It provides a user interface to educate DAO members about the governance process to streamline the DAO’s operation and enhance its utility.

The Aragon Voting App is the first step for all proposals. A REAUTY DAO Improvement Proposal (RDIP) will submit as a vote in the Voting App. ReautyCoin holders will authenticate using their wallet before viewing or voting on proposals.

Proposal process

Reauty DAO is utilizing the Aragon Voting App as its community-led formal governance. The proposal process requires the user to pay gas fees when proposing ideas to prevent spam. It also ensures that DAO members submit valuable and legitimate ideas for DAO improvement.

Proposal Categories

There are four main categories an RDIPREAUTY DAO Improvement Proposal (RDIP) as below:

  • Business
  • Operation
  • Community

Proposals that are resubmitted must be classified as above.

Reauty: brand decision

ReautyDAO branding proposal included but was not limited to brand name, Reauty DAO projects, and relevant partnership opportunities.

Reauty: brand decision (resubmission)

Reentered ReautyDAO branding proposal included but was not limited to brand name, Reauty DAO projects, and relevant partnership opportunities.

Business: ecosystem fund allocation

Proposals for how to use Reauty DAO funds.

Business: ecosystem fund allocation (resubmission)

Resubmitted proposals for how to use Reauty DAO funds.


Proposals for change to a process or implementation. Examples are procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making processes, and changes to the user interface or overall structure of the DAO or Foundation.

Operation (resubmission)

Resubmitted proposals to make changes to a process or implementation, procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making processes, and changes to the user interface or overall structure of the DAO or Foundation.


Proposals for general improvement or ideas for building the better Reauty DAO community.

Community (resubmission)

Resubmitted proposals for general improvement or ideas for building the better Reauty DAO community.

Proposal Template

A proposal should format in the Executive Summary:

Purpose – Explain the primary purpose of the proposal in one or two sentences.

Reasons/Problems – A statement on why the REAUTY Community should implement the proposal.

Rationale – Explain how the proposal aligns with the REAUTY Community’s mission and governing values.

Key Terms (optional) – Definitions of any words within the proposal that are unique, new to the REAUTY Community, and/or industry-specific.

Specifications – A complete breakdown of the platforms and technologies used.

Steps to Implement – The proposal’s efforts, including costs and other resources for each step where necessary.

Timeline – Relevant time details, including the start date, future milestones, and completion dates.

Overall Cost – The total cost put the proposal in place.
The author can add additional fields to fully communicate their intentions, specifics, and implications of the RDIP Draft if necessary.

Offers that did not make it through the approval process and going through resubmission should also include the following:

  • Link to the original proposal
  • The reason it was not approved
  • Modifications that have been made and why they should now be approved

The submission can have additional information to explain the changes made, the intent, specifics, and implications of the resubmitted RDIP Draft.

Proposal Phases

Phase 1: RDIP idea

An RDIP Idea is submitted as a post in the Aragon Voting App. The individual or people submitting the RDIP Idea will be called the proposer or proposers (multiple members can work together on an RDIP idea and only submit the same idea once). The RDIP idea will appear for public review via Aragon Voting App for three days (72 hours). The original post can not be changed by the submitter — if the proposer wants to change the original idea, they must submit a new proposal. The proposal submission process will cost gas fees to ensure that DAO members submit legitimate ideas. Regardless, the gas used to propose will not be returned as it is used to write data to the blockchain.

Phase 2: RDIP vote

Ides that have been proposed will become Live RDIPs on the Aragon Voting App. Live RDIPs are available for DAO member review and voting will complete upon the time frame of the specific proposed idea. Once the proposed idea has reached the minimum approval for passing or runs out of time (due to the number of “no” votes), the vote will either pass or fail.

Phase 3: Implementation

If the vote passes, the action proposed will be immediately implemented. If the vote fails, no change will be made. Depending on the proposed idea, implementation may be automatically changed by the DAO smart contract. If a vote is for something other than a change to the DAO smart contract, the Reauty DAO foundation members will implement the change in a timely manner.

Aragon voting app

ReautyCoin DAO’s utilizes the Aragon Voting App to ensure that voting is fair, conducted in a transparent mannermanner, and is low-cost so that all ReautyCoin holders have the chance to participate and make decisions regarding the future of the DAO.

Voting tool

The Aragon Voting App tool:

1. Requires gas payment
2. Ensures transparency
3. Expands governance participation to all holders of ReautyCoin

Voting process​

  1. DAO members vote on the Aragon Voting App. One ReautyCoin equates to the percentage of voting power. If the ReautyCoin holder has 5% of the total supply and they vote on a proposal, they vote with 5% of the overall voting power. The voting options for a Live RDIP are “YES” and “NO” Voting “YES” means the voter supports the Implementation of the RDIP precisely as-is. Voting “NO” means the vote is against implementing the RDIP strictly as-is — you may vote “NO” to encourage the author to resubmit the RDIP after modifying it.
  2. The voting for each proposal is 3 days or 72 hours, starting from when the proposal was first submitted.
  3. Proposals that receive over 51% “YES” votes are moved into Implementation. Proposals that are not accepted can be resubmitted in the future. If the Live RDIP receives no votes or results in a tie, the vote will fail. This vote can also be resubmitted for a vote in the future.

The future of reauty dao

Over time, Reauty DAO will improve the voting process to benefit the overall community by:

  1. Hiring DAO members to take care of accounting, bookkeeping, managing projects, moderating tasks, and procedures to change DAO leadership.
  2. Creation of a community-guidance committee.
  3. Voting annually to select ReautyDAO Board members (initial Board will be in place for 12 months).


Reauty dao terminology

RDIP (REAUTY DAO Improvement Proposal) – a document is proposing a new activity, project, feature, goal, piece of information, or alteration to any proposal that has already been implemented.

RDIP Idea – the first step in creating an official RDIP, which is posted to the community voting app for review and vote.

RDIP Proposer – the DAO member responsible for beginning the REAUTY DAO Improvement Process and presenting the idea to the community through the proper RDIP idea process. All ReautyCoin holders are eligible to become an RDIP author by submitting a vote to the DAO community.

Resubmission Proposal – a proposal submitted but did not pass community rejection from “no” votes or not receiving enough votes.

Live RDIP – an RDIP that has been submitted to the Aragon Voting App is available for the community to vote on. The voting options for a Live RDIP are “YES” and “NO.” Voting “YES” means voters are YES of implementing the RDIP precisely. Voting “NO” means the voter is against implementing the RDIP strictly as-is — voters may vote “Against” to have the author resubmit the RDIP after making changes.

Final RDIP – an RDIP that has completed the voting process. These fall under two categories: Accepted and Rejected.

Implementation of Accepted RDIP – the process of implementing an RDIP that was accepted by the community, but was not automatically changed by the DAO smart contract.

General guidelines

  • Each year, the DAO votes for members to serve on the REAUTY Foundation special council (the DAO’s “Board”). The purpose of the Board is to put in place DAO proposals and help the community’s vision. This initial Board will only serve 12 months.
  • A Board member can be removed and replaced before the term’s end according to a majority vote of token holders.
  • The total cost of Implementation must be precise to have a proposal to vote on.
  • Suppose a suggested proposal directly conflicts with a current proposal for a vote. In that case, the second proposal can only vote on once to prevent approval of opposing requirements.
  • A proposal that directly conflicts with another approved proposal will not be placed to vote for three months after the first proposal has been implemented to avoid using community assets.
  • Proposals will not be placed for a vote if they include illegal activity, hate words, pornographic content, or are at odds with the core mission or values of the REAUTY Foundation.