About Reauty DAO

Reauty DAO is about to place the beauty industry on the map as the first of its kind utilizing blockchain to create a functioning community of this kind.
The Reauty DAO community empowers all members  to build a new order in beauty data with transparency, inclusiveness, and authenticity supported by the blockchain.


Build transparency, inclusiveness, and trustworthy beauty community in Web3!


Our Mission is to stand against the misleading beauty culture, unhealthy practices, and harmful ingredients to reimagine the beauty industry with a decentralized Web3 community.

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Toxic Baebee NFT 3D Version

Toxic Baebee NFT Pixel Version

Toxic Baebee NFT 2D Version

Beauty Baebee NFT Preview



Reauty App



1st Beauty Governance Token with future commercial and social utility.
Owned and operated by the Reauty DAO, ReautyCoin or Reauty is a token understanding of the futuristic assignment Web3 beauty industries are looking for. BlingyLab is a contributor to ReautyCoin and a community member of ReautyDAO. ReautyDAO will use the ReautyCoin in the "Reautyverse" to connect beauty brands with skincare content creators and beauty newbies, therefore, creating a direct bridge between e-commerce and encouraging business growth.