Toxic Baebee NFTs

The beauty industry lacks transparency and regulation. Beauty consumers are frustrated with misleading information and exaggerated marketing claims.

This deceptive industry which idolizes the “skinny and beauty culture,” leads many customers to obtain unnecessary plastic surgery, unhealthy eating habits, and unknowingly use beauty products with toxic ingredients.

The “Toxic Baebee” NFT Series was designed to generate public awareness by illustrating the “Toxic Side of Beauty”.

The speciality

  • The Characters

    Each unique Baebee is created by a program that generates over 170 possible traits these include but are not limited to expression, headwear and clothing. Tha majority of Baebees are 2D and 10 are 3D.

  • ERC-721

    The Baebees NFT contract that governs ownership is a standard ERC-721 that works with any compatible service or exchange, and purchasing Baebee costs 0.001ETH.

  • Specialty

    Baebees NFT can convert to ReautyCoin ( ECR 2.0 Token); we allow our NFT owner to convert their NFT to Our ReautyCoin, please check the ReautyCoin Page to learn more.

Recent Mints


Blingy Baebees 1

Blingy Baebees 1